San Diego Hat  Company Hat, Rayban Sunglasses, Zara Skirt and Shirt, Modern Vintage Boots

This is what I like to call my “going to the stables” look. Nevermind that there are no stables in my distant future. Nevermind that I really don’t even like horses all that much (ok, I’m actually scared to death of them) and I’m clumsy and irresponsible in the way that makes me prone to unfortunate situations like stepping in horse manure, which always sort of takes the fun out of just about everything horse related. Surely, if I really had a legitimate engagement at the stables, I mightn’t be in heels and a short skirt. But that’s irrelevant. Fashion always brings out the little girl in me who loves to play dress up. If I’m going to an event, in my mind, getting to pick out the costume is always the best part. I guess for me events only exist as opportunities to showcase great clothes. Is that normal?

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