Sometimes a tattoo......

is the perfect accessory…..

but if tattoos aren’t your thing, take a look at those rings. They’re YSL. Sold out a few years ago, but back in stock at Or at the Yves Saint Laurent store on Rodeo. But if you go in there, I promise you will leave with more than just a ring…..


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Free People lace top and crop top, Blank Denim jeans, Karen Walker sunglasses, Earring from Hunt & Gather (San Diego)

Dolls, how impossible is it to find the perfect pair of jeans? And I’ve never found a pair of jeans I didn’t love. Of course, finding a pair of jeans that actually loves me in return, now that’s another story. At 6 feet in heels, length is usually my biggest obstacle. Which reminds me, I have something to say to all you wonderful short girls. Do NOT complain about jeans being too long. I can’t hear it. There is a very simple solution for you. It’s called tailoring. Most stores hem in house and for free, which means you aren’t even inconvenienced.  Too short jeans, on the other hand, that is a major problem. You can’t take the jeans to the tailor to make them a few inches longer. And so we poor tall girls suffer endlessly in search of the perfect pair of long enough jeans. Not to mention all the other challenges that come with finding the perfect pair. But I digress.

These jeans I found at CUSP. They are kind of like jeggings, i.e., butter on my legs, but better because they are flared. I’ve practically lived in these things since I bought them, and I can’t tell you how many compliments I get when I wear them. Best part: they were under $100, which is at least $100 less than I’ve spent on all the other pairs that I barely wear. Loves it!

photographs by Manuel Vinicio





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Oh yes, she did....

Wildfox tank, Mara Hoffman bikini, Free People cutoffs, Madewell bag, Sam Edelman shoes, Super sunglasses

For some folks, like me, life is a fashion show and the outside world a stage. So when I decided to take a trip to the beach in Malibu this weekend, you can bet I didn’t miss the opportunity to put together my perfect beach ensemble, four-inch platform wedges included. Now for those of you who would never wear heels to the beach, and would scoff at the person who does, to each her own. But when I’m preparing for the walk on the catwalk, I take a good long look in the mirror, put on my best pout, strike a pose, and ask myself, “What would Victoria do?” And more often than not, I make my stage debut in heels, feeling brazenly confident that Victoria would do the same.




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The One

Free People tank and rings, Bailey 44 skirt, Super sunglasses

I’m probably not alone when I say that every season brings a new “constantly worn wardrobe staple.” It’s usually one of those purchases you don’t think much of when it is made, and maybe not even the one you are the most enthusiastic about buying. It’s probably not the most expensive thing you purchased this season and likely not the most exciting either. But for some reason, it’s THE ONE. For me, this summer, there are two. My first is this black maxi skirt I found at Nordstrom. It is amazingly soft, just the right length, and so comfortable I could sleep in it. In fact, every time I open my closet, I have to exercise restraint not to grab it and put it on. It can be worn with just about everything. A crop top lends it a sexy look while a fitted tank and jean jacket create a more casual vibe. I’ve worn mine for something as low-key as a pedicure at the corner nail salon and to look uber sexy at a pool party where I forewent the bikini bottoms (beware of panty lines ladies) and just wore a bikini top and sandals.

My second is the crop top. I have about three versions of this top. It looks amazing with jeans for a casual look; with a short fitted skirt (Pleasure Doing Business, for instance) for a night on the town; with cut-off shorts for a beach day; or like here, with a maxi, for a day of shopping.


photographs by Manuel Vinicio




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From InStyle Magazine.

I love these girls. I love their style. I love their clothing lines. I love this look. They make cut-offs look so glam. Oh, and apparently, they have a new t-shirt line.

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