I love this jewelry line so much that I felt obligated to share it with those of you who have never heard of it. It’s like the toy at the bottom of the box of Lucky Charms. Full of surprises. Only a little more morbid than toys, like skulls, and rams, and beetles. I discovered Iosselliani at Barney’s Coop. You should too.

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Like Jackie O

Zara dress, J Crew jewelry, BCBG shoes, Nina Ricci Jackie O’s

I’ve spent enough time in dressing rooms to know what looks good on me. It’s usually something short or something fitted. I rarely go for the the A-line silhouette, for instance, believing that it looks better on a body with more curves. Lately, however, I have been trying to switch things up and experimenting with different cuts and styles. Also, different colors, as I tend to be married to black. Enter this Zara dress. When I saw it, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I had to have it. It’s everything that I normally wouldn’t buy, and yet, it’s easily become my favorite. If Jackie O and Victoria Beckham birthed a dress, I’d like to think it would look something like this.

photographs by Manuel Vinicio

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The Other 260 Days

J Crew Edie Tote, Manolo Blahnik for Liberty Scarf (last seen here)

Rarely will you ever hear me talking about work attire. It bores me. Which is ironic, of course, since I spend most of my life hovering somewhere uncomfortably between business casual and business professional, longing desperately for my boyfriend jeans, a loose fitted tank, and Frye boots.

This purchase, however, is so swoon-worthy that it was worth a mention. It is the perfect work bag, plus it’s big enough to fit a laptop, which also makes it the perfect travel bag. I got it at J Crew, and if you are a J Crew cardholder, you can get one too (or one of their other amazing handbags) for 20% off with this code: CYS8CP5MK. Happy shopping, ladies!

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The Chambray

Madewell shirt, Free People crop top, Rag & Bone skirt, H&M earrings, Dolce Vita sandals

Take my advice: Go out and buy one of these shirts. You can find them almost anywhere (try J Crew, H&M, Free People). It’s perfect for summer paired with white pants or a bright maxi, like I’m rocking here, and the best part is that come fall, you can tuck it into a pair of denim trousers (a darker wash of denim of course) or black skinny jeans, which basically means it will be a wardrobe staple for months to come. This one is for you, recessionista.

photographs by Manuel Vinicio

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i miss you most

Two. The number of things I knew I was going to miss when I moved out of my 16th floor highrise condo in downtown San Diego in January. The first was a person. The second, my custom closet. When I moved into the condo a few years earlier, it was not the almost-floor to ceiling windows or the almost-360 degree views of the San Diego Harbor that had me sold, or the stainless steel appliances, 24-hour security, or convenient amenities. Ok, it could have been the washer/dryer in the unit, an absolute necessity, but every place in San Diego has one of those. It was the closet. I mean, we are talking love at first sight, as in, if my closet could talk, I would say it had me at hello.

Naturally, I had most fun organzing my wonderful friend, and so, before packing up its contents, I had to capture all of its glory in these photos I am sharing with you now. If your worldly possessions are lucky enough to live in one of these, then you most likely don’t need my advice as to how to organize, but just in case:

1) Separate the fun clothes you love from the boring work clothes.

2) Fold bulky items that would take up too much space if hung.

3) Shelves = perfect shoe display.

4) Organize by color, fabric, length, etc.

5) Rule: If you can wear it outside, you should hang it. Exception: gym clothes. No need to fold all your pretty things; you are guaranteed to forget them when they reside at the bottom of drawer somewhere.

6) Counter space can double as a mini-vanity to display pretty perfume bottles, sunglasses, make-up, jewelry, and even photos.

Neatly organized shoes


Displaying some of my pretty handbags, while others remain in bags

The work side of the closet

The fun side of the closet

Make-up, perfume, and my most prized possessions– my sunnies

A jewelry drawer… much better than a jewelry box

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