From the Heart:


Since I’ve been back from Paris, I’ve been trying to fit my new self into my old life, and finding, it’s not working. Everything feels small – my clothes, my apartment, my world. Most evidently, has been this disconcerting feeling every time I think of my blog. It felt like it took on a new character when I was free, traveling, sharing my adventures with all of you. And since my return, I’ve been a lot lost trying to figure out how it should evolve to reflect how I’ve changed and grown. When I started four years ago, it was exclusively about fashion – a place to share my inspiration with the world. A few years ago, I started this From the Heart series, because I wanted to share more than fashion with my readers – I wanted to share my life, my thoughts, my challenges. my growth, my insights. And interestingly, that part of this blog has become the part I’m most passionate about. It seems that change worked out well for me because it allowed me to be more authentically Gabrielle. In any event, I’m not in my twenties anymore, and I have a  lot more to say than what I’m wearing and where I found it and how it makes me feel. So, after much thought, I’ve decided to continue the evolution of my blog by sharing other passions in my life more frequently, including my passion for Los Angeles, travel, fitness, design, the outdoors, events, and living a (mostly) healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy the changes, and as always, your feedback is most welcome and appreciated, even if you think it’s something I might not want to hear. Happy Monday my loves! xoxo














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From the Heart:
So Universe, Thank You


When I was in Paris, I met up with my old chiropractor from San Diego, someone whom I had bonded with during many sports therapy sessions years ago, and whom I stayed in touch with over Facebook since leaving San Diego in 2011.  She was visiting Paris for her 40th birthday and after dinner and several glasses of wine we started talking about life – careers, friendships, experiences, relationships. She told me she wished she was in Paris with a partner to celebrate her milestone birthday (of course, everyone does!), but in turning 40 and looking back on the last decades of her life, she realized that the universe had always given her everything she had ever asked for, everything she had ever wanted – so while she didn’t have everything at that moment in time,  she knew everything was still coming, in time.  The universe is funny in so many ways. For one, I’d like to ask it why it brought us together at that moment, in Paris, after years of being apart, because I truly believe her wisdom, as someone a few years older than me, was exactly what I needed. And I always know when someone says something I’ve been needing to hear, because I tuck it away tightly in that special place I reserve for things of that nature, like a prescription for medication I need, but not immediately – soon enough though. I had my “soon enough though” moment last week, while driving down a street in Beverly Hills that I’ve driven down a million times, listening to a song I’ve probably listened to a million times, headed somewhere I’ve probably been a million times. Everything was the same, and yet I felt it – different. I knew it was time to stop everything going on outside, like pressing pause on life, and reach inside to retrieve her beautiful words. I knew it was time because I was feeling disgustingly happy for no reason at all really, and it was the kind of happiness I knew I needed to be grateful for. It always is that way when it comes on unexpectedly whilst going about the mundane tasks of living. And so I thought: The universe has always given me everything I’ve ever asked for. The universe has always given me everything I’ve ever wanted. The truest true. So I don’t have everything. Of course not! But I have so much more than any one person might reasonably expect. I can’t say it’s more than I’ve ever dreamed of having, because I always dream big. But still! And in all honesty, life isn’t all roses all the time. I have days when I feel like a shadow of darkness is chasing me, trying to envelope me, pull me back into sadness, break my spirit, again. But still! The universe has always given me everything I’ve ever asked for. The universe has always given me everything I’ve ever wanted. So universe, thank you. 















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From the Heart:
New Beginnings


So now I’m back in California. It has been two weeks and I think mostly the sadness has passed, and I’m excited about what lies ahead. A few days before I left Paris, while enjoying a tea at the Cafe de Flore, I had a brief conversation with a friendly waiter. He saw me photographing my table and in order to excuse my faux pas, if you will, I told him I was a fashion blogger, something I rarely divulge to strangers, because even now, I’m shy about it for many reasons. While his English was good, he didn’t quite grasp the blogger part, and only took away that I did something in fashion, which interested him because his wife works in fashion. He asked me what I did, and without even thinking, I said I was a designer. Now, I never lie – I’m unapologetically honest. For my three months in Paris, I was asked this question dozens of times: Are you a student? Are you a model? What are you doing here? And each time, I shrugged shyly and responded, “Nothing,” well aware of the privilege of living in one of the most sought after cities in the world with nothing to do. But wander. And think. And dream.  Nevertheless, as the word designer slipped off my tongue, I believed it. It was something like manifesting. It’s what I decided on after three months of wandering, of thinking, of dreaming. And even after the words left my mouth, I did not for a second doubt their authenticity, their truthfulness. And that’s when I knew I would become one.

To be sure, I have not the first bit of knowledge about design. But that doesn’t scare me. So as I imagine the path that lies ahead, though I’m certain it won’t be easy, I’m overcome by an excitement that I never dreamed possible. People always say everything happens exactly the way it should. And when you are in it, you can’t see it, but some time later, when you are removed a little, it becomes clear in the most magical way. Maybe there were other paths that would have taken me here as well. Surely there were. But this one though! It’s exactly what was meant to be! I have the tools now – those I would not have had at 22 when I started law school. I have the confidence, the problem solving skills, the savvy, the strength. And so, though I’ve got a lot to learn, I’m nothing but confident I will figure it out and succeed in a way that was previously unimagined. And that, my friends, is the real beauty of life, isn’t it? There will be moments when you are the most lost, the most broken, and maybe even the most sad. And if you stop, this big bad world might swallow you whole. But if you just keep moving, you’ll find your way. It won’t be easy, god no, nothing ever worth having is. But once you are there, once you find what you’ve been looking for, whatever it is, it will have been every bit worth it. So if you ever find yourself stuck, like I had been for a long time, keep moving. I won’t make a promise I can’t keep, but I promise you this– you’ll find your way. Just as I found mine. I promise.
















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From the Closet:
Like A Parisian


Maje dress, Stan Smith Adidas sneakers

On one of my first few days in Paris, I was sitting along the Seine, enjoying a glass of rose with a friend, when I noticed the most adorable girl wearing white Adidas sneakers with jeans and a tee. Her outfit was so effortless, yet so perfect and I couldn’t stop thinking about the shoes. Of course, then I realized they were everywhere – literally on the feet of almost every Parisian between the ages of 15 and 35. And so I went hunting for a pair of my own. And since I found them, I have lived in them. When I bought this lovely little Maje dress, I spent weeks trying to find shoes to match, then finally, I decided to just throw on the trusted Stan Smith Adidas. Somehow they really do work with everything, even little summer dresses! So kids, this is as Parisian as I’ll ever be. Bisous.



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From the Closet:
Nicholas The Label


NICHOLAS dress, Zara heels

Another one of my favorite Aussie labels – picked this one up in Melbourne in January with Paris on my mind. Type A planning even when it comes to clothes.




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