Ode to Summer

H&M dress, J Crew belt, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent shoes, Jack Rabbit bag, Gucci sunglasses

Just when the sun is finally warm enough for us to entertain the idea of going out in a little sundress, and the marine layer that has given June it’s gloom moniker starts to fade, and the excitement of the outdoor fourth of July festivities leaves us with the sensation that summer has finally arrived, something devastating happens. For us magazine junkies, we may first take note of this tragedy when we catch a glimpse of those words, “fall preview,” on the covers of the issues that have  just arrived, in the heart of summer, mind you. For others, avid shoppers perhaps, we arrive at our favorite shopping destinations where we are greeted, not only with summer sales, but also (gasp!) fall clothes! Just last weekend, I saw sweaters and fur on display at Bloomies! Now for this summer baby, and all of us who may not have summer breaks but still longingly hold onto the memories of yesteryear and the childhood excitement that came with everything summer, beginning with the last day of school for the year (best day ever, remember?), fall’s arrival and everything that comes with it  can wait until September. Indeed, it’s not actually proper autumn until at least mid-October in sunny So-Cal, so putting off fall shopping until after Labor Day is not only perfectly appropriate, but sensible. Please fall, let us enjoy these precious days of summer without reminding us of the cold, dark months that lie ahead. In essence, come back later, you are not yet welcome here.

photographs by Manuel Vinicio  http://www.manuelvinicio.com/

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