Parker Shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch Shorts, Jeffrey Cambpell Shoes

Presently, I am blogging from London, my absolute favorite city on earth! And of course, while in my favorite city, what else to do than partake in my favorite pastime — shopping. And boy is there shopping to be done in this town! For the fashion enthusiast, London is the functional equivalent of heaven. No, I’m serious.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting London (you must!), let me tell you that nothing in the States can compare to what the Brits call the High Street (trust me, they do it bigger and better than us). Here is one of the looks I wore whilst browsing London High Street fashion for spring wardrobe ideas and simultaneously resisting the urge to buy everything. More on all that later.  This outfit was perfect for the surprisingly not freezing weather I encountered, however, the shoes were tricky when navigating the very crowded and very rushed London underground system, where Londoners have absolutely no tolerance for slow pokes.

Tempted to book a trip to London to see how fabulous it is for yourself? Do it! And if you take the plunge, whatever you do, don’t miss Liberty. Best store ever!



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