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Since I’ve been back from Paris, I’ve been trying to fit my new self into my old life, and finding, it’s not working. Everything feels small – my clothes, my apartment, my world. Most evidently, has been this disconcerting feeling every time I think of my blog. It felt like it took on a new character when I was free, traveling, sharing my adventures with all of you. And since my return, I’ve been a lot lost trying to figure out how it should evolve to reflect how I’ve changed and grown. When I started four years ago, it was exclusively about fashion – a place to share my inspiration with the world. A few years ago, I started this From the Heart series, because I wanted to share more than fashion with my readers – I wanted to share my life, my thoughts, my challenges. my growth, my insights. And interestingly, that part of this blog has become the part I’m most passionate about. It seems that change worked out well for me because it allowed me to be more authentically Gabrielle. In any event, I’m not in my twenties anymore, and I have a ┬álot more to say than what I’m wearing and where I found it and how it makes me feel. So, after much thought, I’ve decided to continue the evolution of my blog by sharing other passions in my life more frequently, including my passion for Los Angeles, travel, fitness, design, the outdoors, events, and living a (mostly) healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy the changes, and as always, your feedback is most welcome and appreciated, even if you think it’s something I might not want to hear. Happy Monday my loves! xoxo














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