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J Crew skirt, shirt, necklace; Givenchy bag

I knew I would hate being a lawyer long before I started law school. Which actually makes sense since the decision to go to law school was made when I was 20 years old. And it was haphazard the way all decisions are when you are 20. “I think I’ll wear these Abercrombie track pants to class today. . . I think I’ll take a political science class next semester to mix things up. . .And maybe I’ll go to law school. . .I wonder if Paul messaged me on AIM. . .” It’s strange how sometimes once you make up your mind about something, regardless of whether you put much thought into it, you just start going through the motions. I went through the motions, starting with studying for the LSAT, which again I took much less seriously than I probably should have, missing important practice test days to go to fraternity formal in Palm Springs or cutting out of class early to go home and study for my real classes. But then one day you wake up, 12 years later in my case, and realize those early decisions changed your life in a way that might be positive, but might not. So I’m a lawyer now. And while I have never loved it, I don’t always hate it. At times, its stimulating. Other times, its cruel. But because its what consumes most of time, I thought I’d start a weekly outfit post of a different kind – my work style. Which isn’t as exciting as my weekend style. Which is something i definitely didn’t consider when I made the decision to go to law school. I mean, back then, I was running around in Abercrombie track pants.

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