“Most people dream of swimming pools. With me its closets.”

True fact. Naturally, one  (closet) will suffice if its custom and in excess of 500 square feet. Oh, and I’m not sharing it with anyone (FYI future husband: separate bathrooms and closets are mandatory; separate bed(room)s are discretionary and depending on specific circumstances, i.e., do you snore?  But that is neither here nor there).

Other information about me worthy of public disclosure: I do not snore; I have never tried hot coffee and I never will; Haribo gummy frogs = not so secret way to my heart; I am obsessed with baby anything, which includes, but is not limited to, human babies, puppies, kittens, ducklings, cubs, chicks, etc.; When packing for vacations, my sunglasses repeatedly seem to occupy the vast majority of my suitcase space and have been known to take up even more space on the way home. Obviously, I love sunglasses. And handbags. And shoes. And dresses. Ok. You get the point.


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