The Tourist

Equipment shirt, shorts from LF stores, Sperry shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Chloe sunglasses

I am currently in Washington D.C. visiting my sister. Yesterday, she had the genius idea to check touristy monuments off the list of things to do by taking a nice little bike ride. Admittedly, this was fine with me because the sooner we get the monuments out of the way, the sooner I get to go shopping. Yes, a vacation (even a short weekend one) is not a vacation without tons of shopping. But I digress. When I was packing wardrobe options for the planned bike ride, I decided to forgo my usual Lululemon workout attire in exchange for something more fun.  Which worked out brilliant, especially for the lucky gentlefolk who got to ride behind this girl in her short shorts. Now thats my idea of patriotism.

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