The Leggings Every Woman Should Own

I posted some of these shots last week, but I have more to say. Mainly about these Zara leggings. I discovered them about 2 years ago and I now own three pairs. Hands down, best discovery ever! I could live in them; well, actually, I pretty much do live in them. Now I’m a legging junkie so let me tell you, I’ve tried them all. Most are too thin or too shiny or too transparent (sadly, most women don’t realize that once you get out in the sun in a pair of leggings, there is little left to the imagination). This pair is like a triple threat so to speak: (1) they are super comfortable (I always wear them to travel); (2) they are thick enough to keep you warm; and (3) the thickness also has a spanx-like effect and what woman doesn’t love something that makes them look thinner? They look great tucked into boots, but equally amazing paired with a little tank and heels for a night out (which can’t be said for that pair you got from American Apparel).

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