The Jacket

Zara jacket, Marciano tank, Free People shorts, Dolce Vita boots, Super sunglasses, vintage belt

It only takes a slight peek into my closet to discover all the wonderful little treasures resulting from hours upon hours of shopping. My clothes are easily my most prized possessions. Especially my sunglass collection. So we’ve established that good things come to me when I shop. Now you should know that good things can come to you too when I shop too. For instance, if you need a dress for an upcoming cocktail party, I can tell you exactly what label (Parker!) you should be on the lookout for. If you are going to see 30 Seconds to Mars, I can point you in the direction of great concert attire (All Saints!). And if you need a jacket that will fit the business professional dress code at work, but can also double as an after-work date jacket, I will gladly let you know where I find all my most complimented jackets (Zara!). Don’t be afraid to ask me. I’m really that good. You see, when I shop, we both win.

Photography by Korbin BielskiĀ


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