The Tourist

Equipment shirt, shorts from LF stores, Sperry shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Chloe sunglasses

I am currently in Washington D.C. visiting my sister. Yesterday, she had the genius idea to check touristy monuments off the list of things to do by taking a nice little bike ride. Admittedly, this was fine with me because the sooner we get the monuments out of the way, the sooner I get to go shopping. Yes, a vacation (even a short weekend one) is not a vacation without tons of shopping. But I digress. When I was packing wardrobe options for the planned bike ride, I decided to forgo my usual Lululemon workout attire in exchange for something more fun.  Which worked out brilliant, especially for the lucky gentlefolk who got to ride behind this girl in her short shorts. Now thats my idea of patriotism.

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Heavy Metal

Alexander Wang bag, J Crew bracelet, Iosselliani skull ring, Frye boots

Ok, ignore my veiny arms for a second. These here are my favorite little accessories. A very special someone gifted me this Alexander Wang bag. It’s the one I have been obsessing over for far too long. Suffice it to say, best birthday gift ever. Every man should know Alexander Wang. If they don’t, dolls, it’s high time you make the introduction. It will be worth your time and his money.

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Zara shirt, J Brand jeans, BCBG shoes, Yves Saint Laurent  ring

I recently purchased this kimono style shirt from Zara because I fell in love with the vibrant colors. The shirt is actually kind of long and robe-like with two strings in the middle to tie the shirt together, but I decided to wear it 80’s style, which as of late, has been my preferred method of wearing shirts. The thing I love about these not-your-run-of-the-mill purchases is that you can play Project Runway without having very much design talent. I have been having fun imaging what I’m going to do with this piece. I’m thinking about taking it to my tailor and having some loud gold buttons sewn on the front, so that once the colder weather comes, I can wear it tucked into a pair of black skinnies or short black shorts with tights. This shirt will be making a second appearance, so you will have to wait and see…..

Photography by Korbin Bielski

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Ladies, this weekend I’m going to church. As in packing up my bibles (otherwise known as Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, In Style, Lucky, and W) and heading to the park or the nearest Coffee Bean or the beach (actually all of the above) to do some serious worshipping. The September Issues have arrived! This year, Vogue is 758 pages strong and with Kate Moss on the cover. A-MAY-ZING!

Incidentally, I have some confessing of my own to do, as lately, I have been committing sin after sin. Just today, in fact, I coveted my neighbors Christian Louboutins, and wanted them for my own. And yesterday, I practically committed adultery when I decided to give my ever faithful Rebecca Minkoff a rest in favor of my new Alexander Wang. Lets not even get me started on taking the name of the Lord in vain. You should have seen (or heard) me this week when I discovered 860 S. Los Angeles Street (home of practically all of my favorite designers showrooms). Jesus, it was like f*#@ing Christmas, God help me! At least I didn’t commit murder! (Query whether buying fur qualifies? It’s a debate that has me forever longing, but steadfastly resisting, so points for willpower, right?). In any event, this weekend, I am not only remembering the Sabbath day by worshipping on Sunday, but taking the whole weekend for a serious dose of God, err, Marc Jacobs (ok, have you seen what he does for Louis Vuitton? BEYOND deserving, that’s all I have to say). So, if you are listening to me Lord (Marc), I will not labor for two days straight (clearly shopping doesn’t count, does it?) Can I get an Amen up in here?

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Hello There, Lovely

Miu Miu suede and glitter shoes. Image from W Magazine, August 2011

Fun thought to get you through this hump day: Imagine all of the amazing outfits you can pair with these gorgeous shoes. Miuccia Prada, you’ve done it again.


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