Soooo, what are you thoughts on this rubber boot? I’m still undecided.


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Not for PETA

Hide and Seek, Ell Magazine, September 2011

If you know me well enough, you know I’m not a huge fan of animals. Basically, I have OCD which tends to manifest itself in the form of an obsession with cleanliness, generally meaning that I don’t do things like pets, or public transportation, or cheap hotels (i.e., anything less than four stars). Notwithstanding, I am a compassionate person and I don’t like the thought of torturing and killing anything, animals included. This line of thinking has had be resisting fur for a long time now. My apologies in advance to all my animal loving friends and supporters, but I am afraid I’m going to give in this season. It’s just so glamorous in that 70’s rockstar way, and earlier this year, I made the decision to channel 70’s rockstar this fall. These photos, from Elle, are more super-luxe than rockstar fabulous, but they captivated me nonetheless. P.S. If it’s any consolation, I’m going to try to find vintage.

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Theyskens' Theory:
The Sequel

Theyskens’ Theory Shirtdress, American Apparel one piece bodysuit, Frye boots, Alexander Wang bag, Michael Kors watch, Made Her Think earrings, Karen Walker Number One sunglasses in black/yellow, Ioselliani ring, Essie Pretty Edgy nailpolish

I’ve already professed my love for everything Theyskens’ Theory here, but I love this guy so much that I’m doing it again. I mean seriously, Theory was basically a bunch of boring business suits before he touched it, and now I can’t get enough. I found this shirtdress at the Barneys Warehouse sale in downtown LA a few weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to one of those. It’s just depressing to see people throwing beautiful clothes into garbage bags. And I think you have to be a professional “warehousesalesman/woman” to actually be successful, because I basically showed up five minutes after it started on the first day of the sale and pretty much everything was picked over by the time I got to it. I credit this find to the fact that people who aren’t super fashion savvy may not yet know Mr. Theyskens and what he has done for Theory. They sure do know Mr. Louboutin though, which is why I didn’t get any red-soled shoes at the sale. I walked away happy though with this dress, and believe me, it did NOT touch any garbage bags.

photographs by Manuel Vinicio

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Me + Overalls = Love

Ray of Light, Elle Magazine, September 2011

Confession: I have a thing for overalls. Always have. Obsession is putting it mildly. Back during my freshman year of college (circa 1999-2000), I had a pair from Guess that I wore constantly. And then I must have suffered from a momentary lapse in good judgment, because I donated them, and since then, I can’t tell you how many times I have longed for those girlishly things. A few years later, Newlyweds debuted on MTV and Jessica Simpson rocked a pair that looked just like my sorely missed pair. And right now, you might be thinking, this girl is insane, of all things Newlyweds and/or Jessica Simpson, she remembers the overalls! It’s true. Btw, how awesome are these silver ones from Elle’s September issue?

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Iris van Herpen X United Nude Crystallization

For me, fashion is like a drug. And I need it. I need these.



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