From the Monthlies:
Bohemian Chic in Brooklyn


This article from the August issue of Vogue, is supposedly about all the it-people flocking to Brooklyn, but I’m really just obsessed with seeing some of my favorite models and their kiddies!





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From the Closet:
On Personal Style


Acne dress, Boy London hat, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Zara shoes, Low Luv x Erin Wasson, Free People, and Topshop jewelry

In case the name doesn’t give it away, my blog pays homage to three distinct fashion obsessions that define my personal style – resort (which I don’t get to display too often since it’s probably not appropriate to have photos of me in swimwear all over the internet given my day job), rock, and sugar. While I’m usually partial to sporting one look in its entirety, occasionally I like to play around by mixing. This is easiest with resort, because resort isn’t so much a style (although it can be) as it is a type of collection. It’s a little harder to mix styles, but I think I accomplished it here. The color of this Acne dress (tangerine?) seems a little bit rockstar, but the cut and details are entirely feminine (sugar). The sandals are sweet, but the jewelry, nail polish, and trucker hat – well that goes without saying. How do you play around with your personal style?


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From the Shops:
The Vara by Ferragamo


This season, Ferragamo is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its iconic Vara shoe. Iconic to those in the fashion community, I’m sure, but to me the Ferragamo shoe reminds me of my wonderfully classy grandma who has a collection in a variety of classic colors.  To celebrate 35, Ferragamo has done two majorly cool things – the first is launch on online tribute to the Vara curated by photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank. Second, Ferragamo is offering the opportunity to customize your own Vara (or Varina – the ballet flat version) here, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever if you ask me.



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From the Runway:
Maaji Swimwear


This year, I was supposed to attend Swim Week in Miami for the first time. Of course, as is usually the fault of my job, my plans fell through at the last minute. While I missed being there in the flash, I did enjoy keeping up with the shows via Instagram, which also led to the Maaji swimwear introduction. I’m obsessed!!! I can’t wait to carry them in my store!






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From the Closet:
On Trends...And Overalls


Zara overalls, tank, and shoes; Alexander Wang iPad case, Ray-Ban sunnies

When it comes to my ultimate obsessions, I have a love/hate relationship with fashion. On the one hand, when the things I love become fashionable, they are easier to find, which makes me happy. The downside, of course, is that everyone starts wearing them and soon its like overload and I become a little sick of it. Kind of like when the radio picks up on your favorite song and then ruin it for you. Over the last few years, fashion has totally come between me and my love affair with studs and skulls. So much so that I can’t wait for them to go away forever, so I can resume obsessing. This summer, the same has been true about overalls. They are everywhere. And I should be happy, but mostly I’m not so secretly annoyed in a possessive kind of way. But still, a little bit pleased with this Zara find. And so this love/hate thing continues….




photographs by Manuel Vinicio

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