Like Jackie O

Zara dress, J Crew jewelry, BCBG shoes, Nina Ricci Jackie O’s

I’ve spent enough time in dressing rooms to know what looks good on me. It’s usually something short or something fitted. I rarely go for the the A-line silhouette, for instance, believing that it looks better on a body with more curves. Lately, however, I have been trying to switch things up and experimenting with different cuts and styles. Also, different colors, as I tend to be married to black. Enter this Zara dress. When I saw it, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I had to have it. It’s everything that I normally wouldn’t buy, and yet, it’s easily become my favorite. If Jackie O and Victoria Beckham birthed a dress, I’d like to think it would look something like this.

photographs by Manuel Vinicio

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