How We Fell In Love

Equipment shirt, Mother denim  (the Looker jeans in Golden Nuggets of Lust),  Zara shoes, Made Her Think earrings, Iosselliani and Low Luv x Erin Wasson rings

These jeans fell in love with me during one of my weekly shopping adventures on Robertson Blvd. Sometimes I really wish clothes would just stop falling in love with me. It’s like I set out minding my own business and then all of a sudden I see him, all stunning in silver and gold, checking me out. He calls himself “Golden Nuggets of Lust.” Who can resist a stunner with such a fabulous name? I mean, I’m weak, but not stupid! So then of course, I rationalize that there won’t be any harm in just trying him on. But one thing always leads to another and before I know it, we are in my car on the way to a little intimate place I like to call my closet. Still, even then I’m telling myself that he can spend the night, but he is absolutely going home in the morning. And clearly, he is in love, who wouldn’t be? But then you know what always happens? The minute we cross the threshold into my home, I’m halfway in love too. And then its madness. We are making regular appearances at all the hottest places in town, me in my four inch red heels and him tightly hugging my hips and waist. Always so possessive he is! He likes to remind everyone he is mine and I am his. And I don’t mind, because like I said, it wasn’t intentional on my part, he is the one who had to go fall in love with me first! I’m charitable, you know, I just returned the favor! xoxo

photographs by Manuel Vinicio

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