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Sperry Top-Sider for J. Crew Boat Shoes

Years and years ago, I would fall in love with the most fabulous pairs of sky-high heels, but defer purchasing them, convincing myself that at 5’9”, I was too tall for heels in excess of 3.5 inches. Then, as if the shoe-gods got together to conspire against us tall folks, all of the fabulous heels became in excess of 3.5 inches. I was faced with a troubling dilemma: risk the moments of embarrassment that come with towering almost everyone, or appear frumpy in outdated mid-heel shoes. Fashion being my best friend, I naturally opted for option number 1 and thus, a new taller version of my old self was born – 6’2” to be exact. Well as luck might have it, right around the time that lower heels were being made in short supply, I ended my relationship with my 6’2” boyfriend and was thrust into the world of dating with the understanding that I would have to accept this Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman dilemma. And I’ve almost completely come to terms with it, even though its tough never being able to feel small with a guy, no matter how small you might otherwise be. On those rare occasions, however, when I want nothing more than to stare up into the eyes of a dashing young man, I opt for these. They don’t seem as purposeful as a pair of ballet flats and they instantly transform a somewhat preppy outfit into an Ali MacGraw circa Love Story kind of moment. And of course, I secretly keep hoping that my future yacht-owning hubby will catch me in these things and just like that he will know I was meant for his yacht-abulous lifestyle.

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