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California Christmas


Zara cape, One Teaspoon shorts, Manolo Costa shirt, Valentino rockstuds, Givenchy bag

Not sure where the time went, but Christmas is literally next week! This year, since half of my immediate family unilaterally decided to stop celebrating Christmas (you know who you are), I decided to adopt a family in need and bring Christmas to them. So far my efforts at shopping for complete strangers have been most interesting. The charity provided me with nothing more than their ages and sizes and their wish list. Ten-year old Heaven was easiest of all because she wanted art supplies and a jewelry maker. The others want clothes. But I don’t know enough about them to know whether they prefer Lakers gear over the Clippers, low top sneakers or high top sneakers, plaid or solids. I wish the charity understood that these details matter significantly! Joking aside, the experience so far has been nothing but rewarding and I can’t wait to fill my car up with food, essentials, and gifts and bring a little Christmas joy to a family going through a tough time. Until I deliver them, its nice to see their gifts under my little tree! Have a good week lovelies! And if you live in LA and are in the mood for a little Christmas charity, the Los Angeles Mission is collecting socks, underwear, and canned meat for the homeless population of Skid Row. If you’ve been anywhere close to Skid Row, you know there are many, many, many people in great need of our support!





photographs by Manuel Vinicio

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