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On Cancers


Elizabeth & James tee, Zara button down, One Teaspoon shorts, Nicholas Kirkwood flats

For years, I didn’t believe in astrology because I was perpetually disappointed that my monthly horoscope never manifested into reality. Once I was able to find other ways to manifest my dreams and desires, I started looking deeper into astrology, generally, and my sign, in particular, and discovered how accurate it is. I’m a Cancer. Consistent with the characteristics of a Cancer, I am loyal, sensitive, fragile, intelligent, emotional, caring, and intuitive. I have a hard shell, which means I’m closed off emotionally and physically and it is very difficult for people to get close to me because I don’t trust easily. That being said, once you get past the hard shell of this crab, you are in for life. My lifers, those who have made it beyond the skyscraper walls that surround my heart, will confirm this fact. To men, I’m quite the anomaly, because I’m friendly and warm and can talk to anyone forever and find ways to relate to them and make them feel comfortable with me. However, as time goes by, they will find that while I know and understand them in a deep, authentic way, they only superficially know me. This can go on for years, and in fact, it has. Then one day something will happen and everything changes and they become a lifer. With my last boyfriend, it happened early on – I was in a bad car accident and my best friend didn’t pick up the phone, and I didn’t know who else to call so I called him. After he saw me weak, crying, and injured, and rose to the occasion to take care of me and take control of the situation, I knew he was someone I could trust and the walls came down. For women, it usually just takes persistence. All of my really good female friends put in way too much effort on the front end, but once they become a lifer, I will put in a lot of effort on the back end. I will be their most faithful supporter, put their needs ahead of my own, and never let anyone or anything come between us. In fact, of all the traits of a Cancer, it is loyalty that is most a reflection of who I am. I love deeply and unapologetically. I will do anything for the people I love — anything — and I expect little in return. This can be difficult because I’m extremely reluctant to let someone go, even if they don’t deserve a place in my inner circle. The people in my life who care about me most find this trait a little unnerving, but I always just write it off as a crab thing. Potentially, its narcissistic to buy a shirt that boasts a personality trait you are fond of, but I see so much disloyalty in the world, that I’m proud to call myself a loyal person. So much so that apparently, I wanted to wear it on my chest.





photographs by Manuel Vinicio

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