From the Closet:
California Girl


One Teaspoon shorts, IRO tank, Zara blazer and heels, Gucci bag, Prada sunnies

I suspected this would happen, so it’s not a surprise, but every time I wear my signature denim cutoffs here in Paris, I get looks – more confused than judging, but looks nonetheless. I did spend a good minute contemplating whether to bring my cutoffs with me to Paris, and the reason I ultimately packed them was because I think it’s important to be who you are, wherever you are. I’m a California girl. Back when I was a child, I remember knocking the shit out of my softball coach because I’d get up to bat and just sit there smiling at the pitcher, so cool, calm, and collected like I had not a care in the world. At this point in my life, I have many cares in the world, but that laid back California cool still shines through – now, mostly with my wardrobe. So basically, I’m living in my One Teaspoons and welcoming the stares. And as much as I love Paris (I really, really, really love Paris), California will always be first in my heart.



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