For the Rockstar

This gift list is for me…and girls like me…you glam little rockstars who want nothing to do with grunge and unwashed hair and unkempt clothes…for us, it’s all gold and black and crystals and leather and studs, but luxe dolls, luxe! Think private jets and champagne, not tour buses and cheap beer. Yes…..

1. Zara leather biker coat $199

2. iPhone knucklecase $99

3. Rebecca Minkoff “supescute” pouch $55

4. Bliss Lau Kaleidscope ring $425

5. Maniamania Dali bangle $280

6. Alexander Wang Pelican weekender $1050 (on sale on Wang’s website!)

7. BCBG stud earbugs $38

8. Unearthen 14k gold sphere ring $270

9. Acne Ace shoes $449 (on sale at Barneys!)

10. Nixon 40-20 Chrono Gun & Gold watch $500

11. Fear & Loathing gold leather pants $498

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